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to Boston Cigar Cutter Company, home of the perfectly sheared "cat's eye" cut!  Please let us take a few minutes of your time to introduce ourselves and our products.

Our Mission
To design and create the highest quality cigar cutters and accessories.

Company Profile
Our products are designed and crafted to provide the finest possible function.  Our cats-eye cutter produces a perfectly sheared, clean as a whistle V shaped cut  --  effortlessly.  In addition to superb function, our design standards are based on making products that are a joy to look at, pleasing to touch and use, and representative of New England's tradition of fine workmanship and handmade goods.  We use a combination of modern and traditional materials and casework techniques.  Each piece is the work of an individual craftperson  --   there are no assembly lines, automated machinery or mass production.

Our tabletop Classic Rotary Cigar Cutter and our "Little Guy" pocket model "cats-eye" cutters are carried by over 200 cigar retailers around the country and featured by premier cigar shops in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Our "Little Guy" cutter was featured in a recent Cigar Aficionado article and both cutters are regularly featured in major national cigar and accessories catalogues.



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